Who needs to have a Estate Sale?

Anyone can have a estate sale. It could be because of a death, divorce, economic change or just to reduce clutter.



Why hire Estate Sales North Texas.com?

We have the knowledge and resources to help you have a successful sale. We are a family owned and operated business that understands what it takes to have a successful estate sale.



How does it work?

We'll meet and discuss every aspect of the sale. Once we agree that a sale is best for you, we'll prepare a contract. After the contract is signed, you give us a key and we take it from there. We investigate the current value of items, price, promote the sale, advertise, get appropriate permits, hold the sale, clean up after the sale and send you a check when the sale is over. Simple and easy for you.



How long does it take?

When a contract is signed the date of the sale will be included. A week or two before the sale you'll give us a key to the sale property and we get started. After the sale we'll have everything finished the next day. We never disclose the sale address until the day prior to the sale.



How long does a sale last and are items discounted during the sale?

A normal sale will last from 3-4 days.  Discounts normally occur as follows: Day 1- no discounts. Day 2- 25% off everything. Day 3 & 4- 50% off everything. People come to estate sales looking for discounts, but these terms are negotiable.



Should I wait on the house to sell or clean out the house before the sale?

You should not wait until the house sells. A sale will make the house less cluttered and more attractive to potential buyers. And never throw anything away before the sale. Let our trained staff decide what's trash and what's treasure.



I have personal items and collectibles in the house. Do I get to decide what I want to keep?

Absolutely. These are your belongings. And you will have an opportunity to see everything before the sale starts. We will research all items of value to get you the best price we can on such items.



What do I do with items that do not sale?

We recommend several things to do. You can give things to family members, donate them to charity or we will be happy to remove any unwanted items after the sale.


What does it cost me upfront?

Nothing. We cover all the expenses. After the sell we will send you an invoice and a check, minus our commission


Does Estate Sales North Texas advertise?

Yes. We use many types of advertising. Our website, estate sale websites, newspapers, Facebook, Craigslist, professionally made yard signs, mailing lists, and word of mouth. We use everything we can at each sale but some cities and HOA's restrict yard signs.


What do I do now?

Now you call (903) 408-9802 or CONTACT our friendly staff at Estate Sales North Texas.com and let's get started. We understand what you're going through and we can help ease the burden. So give us a call, we can help you.




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