A Message From Dora Duncan:

We began having large sales during the 70's when a little boy in our community was fighting leukemia. We were highly involved in PTA and Cub Scouts at the time and sent out flyers at school, church, left them on neighbors doors and spread the news anyway we could asking for donations of anything that we might sell to help this child and his family during difficult times. We were overwhelmed at the generosity and concern of those who heard and we were able to present a check of a few thousand dollars to help them out.


A popular saying to someone wanting to go into business, for themselves, is to "find a need and fill it". This is so true. However we didn't have to find a need--the need always came to us, time and time again strictly by word-of-mouth.


In addition to benefit sales like the one mentioned above, the calls came from all over the place. From those who had lost spouses, from those who had to put their remaining parent in an assisted living facility, from those who no longer needed a large home or the expense of maintaining it, to those who had become successful and bought the home of their dreams but didn't have the time to liquidate the furnishings from their old home. 


We always limited our sales to a fifty mile radius of Dallas, Texas so we could be near our home and family. We held sales in Greenville, Bonham, Dallas, McKinney, Lewisville, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Terrell, Celeste, Heath, Bedford and many other cities and towns in the DFW Metroplex.


Our estate sale business began with the intent of helping others. As the business transfers into our son's control the desire is the same as before. To help others first and foremost.


                                             -- Dora Duncan, Co-founder of Estate Sales North Texas (Formerly DAHN Enterprises)


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My name is Steve Duncan.

I grew up in Dallas, Texas, served in the United States Marine Corp, and spent  thirty years working for the United States Postal Service. 

I'm married to Rhonda,  a beautiful, smart woman that I love dearly. Together we have two grown children and seven grandchildren. We also have two codependent dogs at home.

We live in the Sulphur Springs area effective Dec. 2019 and are available to conduct estate sales from Rockwall county to Hopkons County and a 30 mile radius.

My parents started our estate sales business in the 1970's as a means of helping family and friends in need of downsizing or needing money. From there it became something bigger, and for the past thirty-five years we have had the pleasure of meeting and working with many incredible people all across North Texas.


As my parents retire from the Estate Sales business and I retired from the Postal Service, we decide to keep serving the North Texas area with good quality Estate Sales.


We know most estate sales occur because of a death, divorce or economic changes, and we strive to be sensitive during these times by helping you in any way we can.


Thank you for checking us out and may God  bless you.

                                                                         -- Steve Duncan